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TorKings - 7th layer of tactile differentiation added for the blind and visually impaired.

Posted by Aaron Titelius on

 The TorKings 7 layers of improved accessibility include;

1. Different depths of a side’s tokens in the game grid
2. Different shapes on either side of the standard Orb and Delta token so players can insert the same side of tokens facing them.
3. A removable skin so that tokens are super accessible to touch on one side of the game
4. In tactile adapted games - one set of tokens are tactilly different to the opponent's set.
5. The tokens self sorting and return to players automatically - so a players tokens remain on their side without the need to waste time sorting tokens.
6. Tokens magazines that allow easier tracking and storing of your tokens.
7. embossed box lid.
TorKings is the worlds most deluxe, advanced and enhanced class of connect gaming. With new hardware and gameplay for families, gamers, teams, blind and vision impaired. Whether you are 6+ or 60+ TorKings is the next-gen in fun from this classic genre.



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