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Our Story

TorKings sets a premium new standard for the genre's gameplay and hardware. it's a new vision that transforms the classic genre into an experience for all ages that is magical, mind expanding and inescapably a load more fun.

 We're breaking away from the cynical world of minimum viable products. Lower quality, lower cost, short life game products invariably result in a minimum viable game experience and a fast-track to landfill.

We’d rather chase a game experience you can cherish and revel in - with benefit-rich features that create textured and valuable lasting memories. The definition of our experience is what defines the quality of our lives. We want to make products that enhance that journey, that you can treasure and hold on to. 

If any off us is given the choice - we'd all like to make our lives a little more magical.  We're proud to be able to provide a great choice that fulfils our values and making a journey truly worth taking.


James T.

James T. (Aaron James Titelius)
B.Sc. Physics, B.Eng. Civil, Reg. Builder
Director and Owner of James and Theory.

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