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Deluxe GrandSpan - Connect with friends and family in style! Self sorting, modular, new team-play & more! The perfect premium gift.

by James and Theory

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Classic connect genre redefined for premium gaming and skill building.

  • Self sorting tokens, modular boards, beauty, performance, designer style.
  • Exciting and diverse new game options for families, teams and growing minds.
  • Worlds best quality - styling, materials and performance.
  • More fun and mind-gains. Enhanced STEM and Social IQ building team-play.
  • Free shipping to AUS metro areas
  • Treat your family and friends to the world's very best in the Connect 4 In A Row Genre. 

Made In Australia

Made In Australia - Rare Gaming Quality 

Barcode EAN13: 0745114493231


                                     Single Game Board (click to open)                       Double Game Board - Click to open     Game Options

    To expand on mobile - rotate to panorama view

     Self Sorting Tokens

    Modular Boards

    New Co-op Team Play

    New 3D Tokens - Game Changer

    Unlock New games

    Premium Quality

    The genre's most comprehensive and exciting upgrade.

    Take your journey of connecting to the next level:

    • Self Sorting Tokens - more game time, satisfaction and fun!
    • Modular Game Board - Expandable gameboard and exciting new gameplay for all ages/skills.
    • New Games - New more dynamic engaging game options for seasoned and growing minds.
    • Team Games -Now even more fun when you share with family and friends!
    • Mind Gains - Enhanced STEM and Social IQ Building combined in the one game!
    • Iconic 3D Tokens -  Iconic and tactile design for richer gameplay.
    • Quality - Quality materials, robust intelligent design, premium aesthetics.
    • Value - 50% more tokens than other games & token magazines.
    • + More- See "New Features" in main menu for more.


    Advanced and enhanced in every way. Enjoy luxury gaming at it's very best. Buy now and redefine your connection with family and friends!

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